When your k-: Leo

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Dedication to NerdyPhoenix

A couple of months has went by without the turtles having to see any misfortune of Kraang, purple dragons, or even foot ninjas stealing supplies. Master Splinter still made them go over to the top side to make sure and order them to continue on their training as ninjas.

You were currently sitting in history In the back corner plunging out what your teacher was discussing while you doodled since random drawings to spare your boredom time on.

Teacher: OK class remember your homework is to do page pages 56 through 99 and I want a 200 worded report on what you learned. And Kevin, again that does not mean that you can write about rainbow monkeys being adorable

Your classmates sighed in aggravation but you just thought a few scraps from the junk yard for Donnie would get you to let him do half of the report. The final bell rung signalling the end of the school day and beginning of another two day break. Everybody ran out the building except for you, you felt the need to walk for a bit so you did walking the familiar path to your boyfriend's and good brothers and father's home.

The air was chilly as you snuggled more into your thin jacket clutching one hand to your bookbag. You decided to call Leo just for a heads up that you was coming over. Your feet lead you to pass one apartment complex and into a shortcut aka. 'Alley way'. Your phone was against your ear as you heard the second ring pass by second guessing if he's in the dojo training like usual on regular basis.

You heard the phone go to his voicemail and once the signal to leave a messages dinged you left a brief note for him.

A metal clash came beside you making you jump in surprise but relaxed memorizing the usual cat meow seeing a skinny gray one coming around behind the dumpster.

You: hi kitty kitty, you scared me

The cat meowed one last time before it left leaving you alone still trying to get your boyfriend and leaving voice mail after voice mail.

You: Leo where are you?

A another metal crash banned through your ears letting out a gasp of surprise wishing Leo would pick up the phone already and quickening your pace.

You saw the sunset as you were almost out of the alley way until a hand clamped down on your shoulder.

???: looks like yours boyfriend isn't here, that's just enough time for us to introduce ourselves. Hi I'm Brad

You: and I'm Get-The-F*ck-Away-From-Me

You tried to run, but his grasp pushed a pressure point on your shoulder and your small body felt paralyzed with a tingle of numbness baring down on you too late to even yelp for help as the unknown man stood above you.

???: looks like your coming home with me

You: L-Leo help


Master Splinter: very good my son's, you may go now

We bowed out heads in respect and left before he gives us any more training that I can't even handle that much training.

I went into the living room spotting Mikey on his game and Donnie working on his little gadgets or the microwave that I accidentally blew up ..... Again.

I checked the time and (y/n) should've been back from school by now. I asked my younger two brothers but they said no.

I ran up to my room about to knock, but it's my room I don't need to knock. When myself walked in she wasn't in there, my heart was pounding faster than normal thinking all these scenarios that probably happened but it had terrible endings.


My eyes scanned to find the small shell to find it on my desk. I walked over to it and clicked on the home screen seeing I missed 15 calls now plus one and..... There all from (y/n).
My throat became dry must've been urgent. I clicked on the last one she gave me and.....

You:Leo are you OK? Did

??: looks like *** boyfriend ****** here, that's **** enough time for ** ** introduce ourselves. Hi I'm ****

It was hard to hear all of the commotion but my blood boiled at the man voice through the phone. A gasp went through the phone and then a thud.

You: L-Leo help

Leo: no (y/n).... No!!!

I threw my phone in my pocket and ran out the lair only having one thing on my mind.

(Y/n) I won't stop until your back in my arms

Hey y'all ninjas I'm back and thank you for the recent comments Imma get better at it . it's just my wack phone can't let me see your comments on the news icon up here so it lt takes a loooonnnggg time to get your feed back but Imma do better


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