When he says sorry:Raph

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    You heard a light knock on your door  as you was crouched down on your messed up bed  sitting with your knees bent close to your chest blasting music through your ears not caring if its too loud even for you .

You were whipped around by your shoulders to face a flustered Raph with red  puffy eyes  and dried tears stains on his cheeks . You could tell he had no sleep  and possibly not eaten anything . Raph looked so weak  unlike his usual buff self .

You: get off me!

Raph: You didn't answer so I thought something was wrong

You: oh so now you care

Raph: look , I know what I did was wrong and I apologize

You: I don't care

Raph: Really so all that crying and destroying your room listening to girly music that you hate is showing that you don't care

You: you were spying on me

Raph: I-I couldn't stay away fr-rom you. I know your angry at me and I don't blame you but its still my duty to make sure your safe no matter what's goin on between us

You: *snicker* wow whos cue cards did you read this time

Raph: what

You: Cause I know you didn't make this up , did you get it from Leo 

Raph: I'm serious *on the verge of tears*

You: sure , I know your short tempered , and a hot head , but that day in the sewers when you FUCKIN  slapped me *laughs* I thought I completely lost it. I thought and believed that I can trust you

Raph: you can

You: oh really like I didn't believe you would fuckin slap me . I defended your sorry ass when your brothers would always talk down on you. I always  knew you weren't a monster when I met you, I felt that I could trust you and  I would feel safe . Raph I loved you..... But since your too damn stupid to notice , you can leave ,NOW

He didn't gave time to say anything since you literally pushed him out and slammed the window shut  sliding your back on the wall and unto the floor from your legs giving up on you . You sat down hugging your knees pouring out the tears you thought you already got out but yii couldn't stop , the eager to stop wasn't there and it couldn't happen.

The pain you saw on his face was unbearable to see and it made the matters worse  to handle , you never seen him like this in your life from the time you known him till now

  I-I broke Raph

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