When Yall make out : Raph

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   You: Buuuuttt IIIII ddoonnnttt wannnnnnnaaaa Raphie

Raph: why not girly

You: ..... i dont know

Right now you two were in Raphs room on his bed cuddled up , but Raph wanted to go uptop just cause but you didnt want too. It was your lazy day and to prove it to your hard-headed boyfriend you started playing Bruno Mars Lazy Song . 

Did that stop him from trying to get you up?

Shell no

Raph: I'll let you play with Spike

You:No you wont

Raph: I'll let you hit Mikey

You: I already do that

Raph: I'll let you call me Raphie

You" I already do that

Raph: I'll let you make me a sandwhich

You picked up your head and gave him that look saying "really"

Raph: OK so that didnt work, but come on

You: Raph what does lazy day mean to you

Raph: ..... toooooooo stop being lazy and get that fat booty up

You: I dont have a fat booty

Raph: yes you do, its right here

You felt him pintch your butt cheek only hearing him laugh at your sudden pain

You: oh you think thats funny

Raph: yeah, now come ooonnnnn-

You couldnt take the whining anymore and crashed your lips on his , you could feel his tongue asking for an entrance but since he ruined your lazy day , it aint happening. His arms went around you holding you closer and your hands eventually found there place running your fiingers up and down his plastron hearing his sudeen groans .

The smirk on your face grew more as a idea popped in your brain .You now layed untop of him without breaking the kiss that was getting heated by the second, you started to grind slowly on his lower half  and just as you thought you were gonna take control this time your parade was rained on when you felt his hand glide along your spine making you gasp and that when you felt his tongue swiftly fight with yours for control . 

The battles been going good for about 10 minutes until a certain somebody wanted to throw some waterballons at yall.

Mikey: ewww bro, girl got coodies


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