When your Jelly: Donnie

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You was in the lab with your purple masked gapped tooth ninja, helping him work on a retro-mutagen.

April: HEY DONNIE........aaand

You:ughh (y/n)

April: yeah , well whatever and Donnie can I talk to you .... ALONE

Donnie: umm sure

The two left the lab leaving you upset, mad, and curious. You tried to ignore the feeling that April wants to steal Donnie from you or put a 20 inch katana in her skinny little throat and watch her scream in pain and post it on YouTube laughing. It seemed like forever that they've been talking and you didn't like it.

You peaked your head out to see them talking being too close for 'friends' and then see April hop on Donnie into a hug wrapping herself on him. You felt steam coming out your ears and without caring you slammed the door open and they both look back at you surprised

Donnie:(y-y/n) i-im .. it's n-not what it looks like

You didn't focus on what your boyfriend just said and continued walking up to the two of them still seeing her attached to him. You yanked her red hair towards you making her yelp in pain falling on the floor , still not giving a coconut, your dragged her across the floor  and laughed at how April was trying to get out of her position. Taking her towards the lair door you  kicked her in the back and yelled out to her to get her own man .

Donnie: was you really that jealous (y/n)/

You: I was not

Donnie: mhmmm sure you wasn't

You: *mumbling* should've never latched on to you then

Donnie picked you up placing you on his lap on the couch as you snuggled on his shell ,letting him rub circles on your back , then whispered

Donnie: jeaalllooouuuuusssss

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