when he hurts you : Mikey

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You were in Mikey's room playing on your phone until you heard Raphs usual yelling and Leo's trying to balance things off, but suddenly you heard Mikey yelling and not the good yelling

You got up and reached for the door knob , but Mikey burst open the door making you flinch in shock .

You:Mikster what's wrong?

Mikey: just go away I never wanna see you again

Your tears were already flowing out like a river at the painful words

You:M-Mikey its OK , we can get through this together , you don't have to live in fear

Mikey: ughh your voice is so annoying shut up!

You: .....no

You needed to stand your ground for once and this was the time , but things didn't go so well

When you got knocked over by his skateboard hitting you in the head

Mikey: don't you understand what leave means dummy

You couldn't control the tears and felt your forehead looking back to see the dark red blood slowly coming down the side of your face.


You held out to him as you ran out the sewers . Meanwhile while you was running Mikey was bawling when he realized he made the worst mistake of his life

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