First Kiss:Raph

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   You and Raph were in the dojo practicing your fighting skills, but kept messing up on your kicks and punches.

Raph: Let the strength flow through you (y/n)

You: ughh!

You felt so much frustration that you completely missed the dummy that was  on the  wall and almost kicked Raph on the right cheek but used his ninja skills and held your leg in the air with his hand, almost loosing balance

You:Hot-Head put my leg down !

Raph: not until you calm your tits down and stop getting frustrated

You: Ughhh , my tits are calm , now PUT MY LEG DO-

Your yelling went to a complete stop when he  quickly but not that hard pushed you on the wall  placing his  sais in between your hands so you was trapped


Raph: you have to get that frustration out your system

You was struggling to get out of his weapons position on your wrist and not get cut and on the meantime you saw him walking to the dojo door

You: Raph


You: you just gonna leave me here

Raph: not until I do this

He walked up to you and cupped your face in his hands and planted the most mesmerizing kiss you ever had  in your life and felt the tingling feeling going through your body feeling the stress leaving out of you. He parted the kiss and looked at you with a smirk on his face

You: what

Raph: you still frustrated

you: shut up Raphie

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