when your upset: Donnie

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   Everything, and when I mean everything. As in once you got back home from the heart crushing moment of your life , you destroyed anything in sight . Your room looked like Mikey's which definitely not a good sign, the posters of great scientists on your wall were in torn pieces on the floor , the thousand of chemicals were on the ground with splanters of green,purple , and other mixed colors with shattered little glass not being bothered to be picked up .

You just sat in the darkest corner of your room crouched down with your legs bent and touched your chest wrapping your arms around them .  You was all out of tears , just staring at the ground with no emotion what's so ever . It been just 2 weeks but to you it felt like a year .

You never left your room , and you never left that corner . Some people would think they would be hungry or paranoid  , but you felt like their was nothing important anymore , you was numb from the pain and couldn't stop it from coming . No words were said , no movement in sight, everything was dying .

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