Mating Season: Mikey

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It was your day off from the world and decided to grab your skate board and head to the skate park knowing Mikey was gonna be there at this time.

You entered the park of skating and only saw about two people but soon they left as time ticked by after  an hour and still no Mikey

"I wonder where he is , its not like him to miss a annual thing of skate boarding" You thought and being your wondering self , you went out to look for him going to the rooftops to make the trip there shorter.

You went up an fire escape from a random building and set the thin board down pushing your foot back for lift off and you started to fo flips and tricks when you had to jump from building to building. Out of No where, you felt someone following you but when you turned back to find the intruder ,there was no one there. Shakin' it off you continued to your journey but tripped on a leaf making your whole body fall forward.

Readying for the painful impact, you covered your face with your bare arms as a shield. You waited for the hard concrete to hurt you but it never happened soon to realize that you felt familair pair of warm arms holding your body inches away from the ground. Turning your head to the right you saw baby blue sparkled eyes with something else in them but didnt know, he pulled you up so now you both were eye to eye and you hugged him giving him thanks but the strange thing was he didnt hug back which surprised you tremendesly.

You:Mikster whats going on, everything ok?

Mikey: I-I dont know, thi-is morning I-I felt diff-fferent

You: How different

Mikey: Like th-his

He cupped your beautiful face with both his hands and smashed his hungry lips on your taking you back a bit but kissed back with more force having your arms holding his waist. The kiss got deeper and Mikey's tounge glidded along your bottom lip asking for an entrance and you granted him access leading to a make out seccion under the stars at night.

Mikey moved his arms to put your arms around his neck now and swooped you up making you instantly wrap your legs around his torso holding you not realesing the kiss till you felt a cold solid surface on your back thinking it might be a vent on the roof. He pulled back from your lipsvletting us both breathe and both your eyes were locked between eachother leaning on eachothers foreheads.

You: .....woah

Mikey: oh D-dont think thats the end

His voice was low and raspy turning you on at maximum . You dont know what happened , but your glad it did. Your thoughts were intertuptted feeling soft lips against your collar bone finding your sensitive spot behind your ear and he used his advantage teasing  and nibbling on that spot letting out some.noise of satisfactory

Mikey: I-I  cant stop (y/n)

You: Then dont Mikster

You watched as he was leaning in as you did, both of your lips were centimeters apart .................... until a freaking ninja star came between yall making you and Mikey both whip your head to the direction it came from finding the rest of his brothers looking shaky than normally.

You: umm what the Shell dudes

Leo: (y-y/n) you h-have  to get bac-ck. This i-is not the week f-for us

You: why, whats going on?

Raph: ughhh this is taking too long

Before anything else happened Donnie took out a long bamboo stick brining it to his lips and blowing into it shooting a dart that attacked Mikeys neck where you 'possibly' marked him at.

And he soon set you down backing up wobbly, blacking out and fainted.

You: or yall can tranquilize my boyfriend...... cool , me next!

Donnie: sorry (y/n) b-but we-we gotta go

Raph and Leo down smoke bombs seperating you and the turtles and once the smoke vanished you were alone once again  of the rooftop

You: taste like pizza, yum

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