when he looks through your stuff : Donnie

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You walked from school having a massive food fight leaving you with a cookie in your hair and spoiled milk on your clothes. Opening your room door to see your Donnie sitting at your desk with his back turned against you. You smiled and walked up to him not huggimg him from the incident, but kissed his cheek startling him a little.

Donnie: woah, what happened

You: well good afternoon to you too

Donnie: sorry sweetie, but what happened

You: food fight

Donnie: that explains so much

You: yeah, imma hit the showers real quick, you just .... Be like that

Donnie: ookkkkaaayyy

You picked up some extra clothes and jump in the shower washing all the food out of your hair. 5 minutes later you came out with some yoga pants and purple tank top on, you kicked your door open with your foot, why'd you kick it with your foot? We don't know.

But in front of you, you saw a mutant purple bandana turtle holding your old  teddy bear you thought you hid

You:  Donnie put Mr.Genius back!!!

Donnie: Mr.Genius?

You: I got him when I was 8 , don't judge me and I won't judge you

Donnie: *chuckles* OK

You: put him down your letting the stuffing fall out

Donnie: why does it only have one eye and one ear

You: I maybe had to use them for experiments

Donnie: that makes.... Somewhat sense

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