when he says sorry: Leo

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       First off just wanted to say thank you for the eager comments to keep updating and I love y'all for that, so here we go

   Caution: curse words maybe included

   You were doing what you always done best lay on your bed like nothing in the world matter anymore because you felt like it didn't since the fight and you couldn't get over it .

There was a knock on your door? No it was your window . You already knew who it was so you just stayed in your spot not moving a muscle  . Hearing the window open and a thump on the floor didn't make you look up it just made you almost break out in tears again if you had any tears left .

Leo: (y/n)  *breathes* I know what I did to you was not called for and I shouldn't have ever put my hands on you and I'm so sorry ,  I wish I can take everything back and wish it never happened I was caught up with my own stuff and all you wanted to was help me and I .....hurt.. you. Please (y/n) will you forgive me

For the first time you moved , you looked at him and he could see no emotion on your face and your soulless  eyes looking back at him . You sat up and didn't say anything just looked at him  .

He called out your name to get your attention but nothing happened you just stared at his concerned expression trying to get you to say something

Leo: please say something (y/n) I'm on my knees

You: ..... I hate you . There you got something out of me , are you happy? No, good. Because you deserve it . I tried being the best damn girlfriend I could be to your ass. All I wanted to do was help you ,but you like always "Leader in Blue " always gotta take everything so F&ck&#;  too far . Leo you have no F@("&#!%  idea what you done to me , I can barely do S%#$ without thinking about your tail and then  I break down , just cause of you . Your sorry @$$  crushesd my heart in some D@!; tiny pieces and can never be fixed . So go home to the D@!; sewers where you belong at , stay the F%#& away from me , Don't  F&#;"*+ talk to me , I don't wanna F-@+":$ see you , like right now . GOOD BYE LAMANORDO . go get captured by The Shredder cause idgaf !

Leo felt the stinging pain he felt all over again and every word you said tore him apart , every nerve , muscle, and bone went limp and numb  . He was stunned  by your action and left sobbing all the way home but his knees buckled in and he fell to his knees on a roof and cried his eyes out wanting to take back everything he's done to hurt you

You on the other hand was frozen in shock with rage,pain,sorrow, and wanted to tremble curling into a ball and cry again . You saw something shine on your floor almost hiding underneath your bed and looked down picking up a light blue heart shaped charm necklace and your were in tears as you felt along the words that were engraved written with yours and Leos name ways being together

I miss you Leonardo

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