H&H: Leo

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After the little fiasco that happened a month ago Leo has not left your side at all, not  under any circumstances has he let you be alone, like right now.....

You:Leo Bear, I can go to the bathroom by myself OK

Leo: No

You: What do you mean no?

Leo:I don't want anyone to come out and hurt you again

You: -_- Leonardo, I'm pissing in a toilet in the sewers. No one's going to want to see that nor take me at that moment

Leo: But (y/n)-

You rolled your eyes not wanting to hear anything but 'OK babe Imma let you go in peace'. Y'all stayed in the hallway arguing for about five minutes now and you were one minute from doing the potty dance. You loved and we're thankful Leo was being protected but being over your shoulder all the time is exhausting. You sighed walking over to the bathroom door and had your hand on the nob about to twist it, until a hand  came in a dark path swiping your hand away.

Leo: Uh oh

His body stiffened then turnt his head towards you seeing your eyes go from (e/c) to bloody red.

Leo: Ummm maybe you can go to the bathroom by yourself. I'll just let you have your space. Please don't kill me

Leonardo moved out the way entirely letting you slam the door as your final word.

      Five minutes later

You: hey Leo, sorry I went dark on you. Force of habit

You rubbed your hands on your (f/c) shorts looking right and left for your lover around the second floor of the lair. The lair was quiet because of the turtles field trip with their Sensei to Japan, and knowing your Leo he finished early and got the choice to go home. Basically home alone with your turtle.

Sounded real good in your head until a strange gust of wind came across your path getting goosebumps all over. A sound of crashing metal against metal brought you out of your coldness thoughts and crept slowly over to the stairs about to call your lover if that was him, but a sight of dark chocolate brown hair caught you off guard.

About to run for shelter, or your knife; a glimpse of royal blue orbs had captivated you like a spell that was hard to pull away from. Your mind was screwed and yet you didn't move from your spot in front of the bathroom door. The minute you could register what was happening it was already too late to move finding yourself squished between to the closed door and the annonymous person's chest. You tried to push off with your arms but his weight was too strong, he looked in his eyes to see the royal blue orbs swimming with something that you just couldn't put your finger on. Your mind wasn't connected to your body and that you felt your fingers touch his face and he didn't flinch nor did he move, he just kept looking at you in your eyes was something inside them that you can put your finger on.


Leo: Hey Sweetie, about earlier, I wanna apologize for my behavior, let me make it up to you

His gentle hands grab your waist firmly not wanting to let go by him telling that in his eyes. Your mouth was agape with surprise and astonishment of your turtle boyfriend just automatically turn into a hunky piece of heaven. Your fingers slipped into his brown hair messing it up a little but he seemed to like it from you only smiling with his eyes closed, from his hair being slightly bothered to having your palms slide on the side of his handsome face, his well built chest that you had to take a few minutes on. Almost forgetting his response

You: How will you make it up to me. And how did you become human all of a sudden?

Your eyes turned back to his seeing and hearing his side smirk and chuckle and in a way, it was sexy. A cold touch was on your (skin tone) skin right above your left hip, unusual to have a five fingered hand touching you there it gave you chills which Leo was counting for. His right hand levered him so now you had a little bit of room to wiggle around in, his left hand still was on your now exposed skin for him to touch now rubbing delicate circles with his thumb watching your every move like a ninja.

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