when you save hin: Leo

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After the little visit from Leo, you felt like you were the monster and not Leo. You could barely stand yourself from making Leader in Blue that upset. Yes, you still was angry at Leo but it camled down a bit after he left the beautiful necklace. You layed in your bed in the same position as always, but now gripping the charm that was around your neck now and stared at your wall laying side ways. Your thoughts were interrupted by a loud clinging noise coming from above.

Being the nosey person you love to be, you went up to investigate the scene stepping out your bedroom window  and climbing up the fire escape  to the roof  to see the  one and only thot..... Karai! Fighting with Leo . At the scene that was going on,Leo wasn't doing pretty good  there was bruises and vuta all over him .

Karai: what's wrong Leo, too upset to fight

He didn't say anything but get kicked in the side

Karai: is it cause you and your whore of a girlfriend broke up , you should've saw it coming , she never would like a monster like yourse-

Karai was cut off when a long pipe was swung at her head knocking her out cold

You: first of nobody hurts my Leo, nobody calls me a whore and I don't like him, I love him with everything in me , so nite nite bxtch

You smirked to yourself and went over to Leo dropping the pipe helping him up

Leo: you mean it

You: every word and I'm sorry

Leo: it was my fault

You: no mine

Leo: no mine

You: no it was m-

Suddenly a spark  went across your whole body like a bomb when you felt lips smash unto your and wrapped your arms around his neck smiling in the kiss

Leo & You: I love you

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