when you get k-: Donnie

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Dedication to NerdyPhoenix

Donnie: umm Hun?

You: Yes doctor

Donnie: Can you come here real quick, I need a couple more fingers for this invention *wiggling his three fingers*

Y'all were currently in the kitchen, I know in another room for once right :p. You dismissed your extra credit homework and scooted your wooden chair closer to your turtle while he was still concentrating on the project at hand. You asked what did he need you for leaning your head on his shoulder.

Donnie didn't take his eyes off the machine and you jumped feeling a three fingered hand on the other side of your hip pulling your closer to the purple masked ninja to where the hand pulled you into his lap. You were used to this action but your cheeks couldn't resist the urge to turn pink and watched in the corner of your eye that Donnie was blushing more than you.

You: S-So what do you need help on?

Donnie: Oh nothing, I just like- no love it when I have you in my arms

Your face heated up and scooped up your homework to get it over with while sitting in your better, comfy boyfriend.

( Hours Later)

It was around noon now and laying in the living room watching halfly interested in what Mikey was playing. Donnie had to get ready for late night patrol and decided to just wait for him to get done.

Mikey:Hey (y/n)?

You: yes

Mikey: Do you want a baby?

The question forced you to unglue your eyes from the TV to the youngest turtle with 'that' face.

You: ummm Mikey, why are you asking me that ?

Mikey: I wanted to see how easily you blush like what Donnie said you do. And he's right you look like a red tamale

You just realized were on fire rethinking of possibly wanting a baby. Wanting to have one that looked just like you in the form of a cabbage patch doll.

Mikey: so how many you want? 5? 10? 20? *gasp* 1538?

You: woah there buddy!! Hopefully I can just start with one

Donnie: One what Hun?

You gasped and spinned on your heels looking at him fasten his bo-staff on his shell. He walked over to you once done and handed you another similar staff to his but smaller with a (f/c) ribbon wrapped around it gracefully. You squealed a little hugging your turtle's waist since you couldn't reach his neck without having to struggle.

Leo: Donnie, (y/n) stop lovey dovying let's go!

You: you can't talk remember the first time you brought your girlfriend along, she went Madea on Karai

Leo sweatdropped at that memory, shook his head then continued to lead the way out the sewers.

Y'all all made it out quietly to the roof tops and ' Leader in blue' decided to split everyone up; Mikey takes the East, Raph goes South, Leo walks South, Donnie takes the North and you got to go with Donnie.

During the watch out was pretty calm for a dark day in New York. Y'all two stood on an old torn down building in a shaggy neighborhood. You looked out to the skies feeling your eyes glitter from the beautiful glow the warm colors gave off.

A metal clinging rushed through your ears and went to investigate seeing little robots climbing up the wall on the building to where y'all were and saw a giant silver robot walk through the smaller ones to stand face to face with y'all.

???: oooo looky what do we have here? Donnatelo and his girlfriend

Donnie scooted you further behind him for safe measure pulling out his wooden weapon in front of him and you. You remembered this enemy's voice from one of the turtles recorders if their foes.

Donnie: Percy Jackson

???: it's stockman you fool!!!!

The fight began with turtle genius vs. Robot nerd. You cheered for your turtle as the miniature robots can't at you with no warning but luckily you were quick to reach for your staff and hit a couple rounds with them.

Donnie: (y/n)! Look ou-

You became frightened to hear Donnie's warning get cut off. Out of nowhere a jolt of maximum pain asserted through out your fragile body, your eyes shut choose with teeth gritted to control your scream.

Your vision began to be blurry and saw a faded looking purple masked turtle on the ground

And you were next

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