When yall make out : Mikey

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      You: Mikey......Mikey? come out , come out where ever you are

You were looking for your energetic boyfriend as yall were playing Hide-and-seek  and so far you couldnt find him  , and you been trying to do this for an hour now . You were bout to go get your turtle tracker  once you heard a door creek to your right.

You walked down the empty hallway and saw Mikey's door being slighly opened . 

You: why didnt I think of this sooner

As  you walked you turned on the lights to get your lips smashed with somebody elses.  Can you guess who it was? Yesit was your boyfriend swinging upside down somehow

You: Mikey how are you- nevermind

Mikey: Hey dudette

You: wassup

Mikey: What does make out mean?

YOu could only make your eyes look like they was going to bulge out your eye sockets and stare at him

You: umm why you ask Mikster

Mikey: cause Raph told me to ask you

Note to self: Kill Raph Later

You: ummm Mikey uh I dont know if your ready for all that

At that moment he jumped down from hanging on the cieling and met eye to eye with you. Mikey bent down to your level and went to the puppy face  mode you could never say no to

You: really the puppy face

Mikey:  and the quivering lip


You: ok ok ok I give up

Mikey: say Uncle

You: Never

Mikey walked closer to you with a devious smirk plastered on his face which kinda got you backing up from him only to feel his door on your back. 

You: uhh Mikey

Mikey: say Uncle

You: no

Just like that Mikey picked you up and over his shoulder like it was nothing and placed you on his comfy bed . What you didnt espect from him was the fact that he tied your hands together above your head with one of his extra mask. 

Mikey: Are you going to say it now

You:*shakes head*

Mikey: ok

You didnt know why you felt scared but overly excited about the fact that Mikey was acting like this . One hand was around your waist while the other was holding him up hovering over you, the hand around your waist was feeling on your skin sending you goosebumbs and the fact that everytime his hand went up it would lift up your shirt a bit. 

Mikey: say.... it


As soon as you tried to get the O out of your sentence his lips pressed on yours and his tongue went sliding in ,exploring your mouth . you couldnt help but kiss back .

So what does you+Mikey+ bed+ kiss+being strapped down=


Splinter: Michelangelo we have been calling you down for train-

You both seperated from the seccion to see Sensei with his rodent eyes popped open in surprise

Mikey; ummm Sensei its not what it looks like

Sensei:maybe you can train later with yourr brothers

With that he closed the door running away from the scene 

Mikey: So how was that

You:........not... saying ... it

Mikey: Do we need to try this again with the door locked

You; UNCLE!!!!!!!

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