When he likes you:Raph

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       Raph POV

Get (y/n) out of your mind, you saved bunch of girls and you can't get her out of your head.

I kept punching the dummy with all my might. But my mind always went to how the gorgeous girl with the wonderful name of (y/n) . How she always debates with me and plays tuff but know she's girly and tries to prove me wrong . When she bashes some Purple Dragons heads she looks so gorgeous  .

'concentrate Raph, your loosing your tuffness'

Don't think about how she lights up the night and day with her genuine smile .Her grins she gives me and strength as a girl made her look even hotter


I heard some snickering and looked behind at the dojo door being open revealing my three annoying brothers grinning at me

Mickey: so brag, who's your girlfriend

By instinct Michelangelo's eyes got wide and ran for it making me run after him in anger

Leo: y'all will never change

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