when he looks through your stuff: Leo

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You came from school feeling sweaty and sticky from gym you had today. You decided to take a shower, but forgot that Leo you was coming over to watch a movie. You hopped into  the shower and started to wash up. Meanwhile , while you were doing that Leo came in through your window seal  wondering where you were now. He sat in your bed feeling a bit uncomfortable since this will be his first time in your room alone. His curiosity got the best of him and walk around the room to see you have  a open drawer connected to your dresser. You step out the shower feeling fresh and wrapped yourself in a light blue towel letting  your (h/c) hair dripped lightly on the ground, you realize you accidentally left your clothes in your room. You open your sticker design door to see Leo picking up one of your silk navy blue bra that said ROYAL on it


Leo was surprised about your outburst throwing your bra in the air landing on his head

Leo: *nervous laugh* hey cutie, I love you

You: mhmm while you make another excuse can you hang me my clothes

Leo handed the clothes next to him and the bra that was on his head

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