When he likes you:Leo

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        Leo POV

I wonder what (y/n) thinking right now, wait why do I keep thinking about her . I mean yes, (y/n)'s pretty - no beautiful, she has a great smile and it's so cute when she laughs at my terrible jokes but laughs anyways. The way her (h/c) hair blows in the cool breeze and her (eye color) eyes look stunning.

I shook my head trying to get (y/n) out my head so I can meditate. I sat in my usual spot and closed my eyes and released everything on my mind , except I keep hearing (y/n) voice say my name . I visualized her sitting on the edge of the building smiling and laughing in her light blue outfit , she looks so gorgeous as the  sun sets making her look like a goddess when it shines past her.

I love everything about her, like how she listens when I need somebody to talk to , when she acts scared to jump from one building to another with me even though I tell her that I would never let her fall . How she blushes and tries to hide it from me which somehow makes me blush in the progress. But mostly that she wasn't scared of me  when she saw me in that alley, that she treats me like a regular(sortof) person. I thought I would never find the day that somebody wouldn't look on the outside but in the inside

I can't get her off my mind. I like (y/n) alot

I know its too short but thats all I got and I didn't wanna make it too long but not too short either


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