When yall cuddle: Donnie

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  You and Donnie were inside his lab doing new upgrades on old eventions that would help y'all with new missions .  You were a little cramp in your back but didn't say or do anything  to help it , since the repairs needed two people to work at it.

Donnie: hun, you OK?

You: y-yeah

Donnie: you know your a terrible liar right

You: I'm not

Donnie: sweetie I know when your lying , please tell me what's wrong

You: just gotta cramp in my back, that's all

Donnie: come 'er

You: I'm f-fine

Donnie: no

You: we gotta do this first

Donnie: no we don't , maybe later

You: but-

Donnie: no buts, now come over here now

You hesitantly walked over to your tall companion  and sat in his lap and felt his thumb roll across your spine giving you a tingly feeling and your whole body went from aching to ease .

The wonderful treatment soon stopped when his hands weren't on your back anymore and you let out a small whimper only getting a chuckle from behind you . Your body was turned to a craddle position and now could see his toothy grin and his astonishing eyes and the butterflies were fluttering in your stomach nonstop

You: thanks Donnie-Bear

Donnie: my pleasure princess, I love helping and cuddling with my baby

You: Donnie

Donnie: yes

You: you do realize this is our first time cuddling right

Donnie: no it was that time ..... Uhh.... Last -two weeks ago on  the couch we did

You: ...... No! Donnie that was the day you broke your arm and I fed you grapes cause you almost chocked on one

Donnie: n-no don't be silly

You: Donnie when I came in ,you were turning purple and blue

Donnie: ..... OK then

You: I win

Donnie : yeah yeah

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