When he's jelly:Leo

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  After school you and your guy friend (g/f/n) . You already knew he liked you a little but thought he got over it since you told everybody you had a boyfriend. 

On the outside you were acting cool but on the inside you wanted to run to the lair and give Leo the biggest kiss ever.  Your thoughts stopped as you felt your  back hit the cement wall and looked forward to see (y/g/f) giving you a smirk and wrapped his arms around your waist. You tried pushing him off but the strength that you had equals to a baby.

You closed your eyes thinking the worst bit nothing happened . Opening one eye and then the other to find your Leo punching the stupid (that's a lot of stupid) out of your guy friend , it was quite amusing but you decided to end it

You: OK Leo he had enough

Leo couldn't hear you and continued punching until you went up to him grabbed his hand and smashed your lips on his. Automatically letting the dude go as he ran away from the crazy cra scene

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