First Date: Donnie

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Since Donnie was so eager to take y'all on your first date as a couple, you said OK even though you didn't have a choice since he just said he was gonna do it anyways. You got dressed in your purple galaxy top and a black  skirt.He texted you saying for you to meet him in an alley near your home.

You: Hello???

???: H-hey beautiful

You knew it was Donnie from the stuttering and turned around to see a guy in your age , really tall with a purple plaid shirt with some faided jeans and especially the gap in this teeth when he smiled at you ,making the butterflies come back in your stomach

You: wow Donnie

Donnie: i-ii wanted our fir-sst d--date to be perfect

You: I don't know what to say

Donnie came up to you grabbing you by the waist with not an intch separating yall.Making the blushing fiasco go on cue .

He jumped up the fire escape and 3 minutes or less you and your boyfriend was in front of the Scientific Technology Unmasked Parts of identified Department Museum (or known S.T.U.P.I.D) (LOL)

Donnie: Do you like it?

You: no

You saw the hurt and surprised expression on Donnie's face hanging his head low . You surprised him with a hug as he gladly gave you back but still confused

You: I love it Donnie, this is the best and only date I ever been on and I'm glad I'm doing this with you

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