When your k-: Mikey

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You: *laughing* Mikey stop..... That tickles

Mikey: but you have the most funniest face this way

Currently you were enjoying your fun time with Mikey getting carried away with timing as usual, but did any of y'all care........
...... Nope .

Your eyes started to water and your sides hurt with ache and pleasure all in one as he tickled your sides. You whizzed out a cry but it couldn't be audible to hear for Mikey telling him to stop or there's gonna be a wet spot on their couch soon. The youngest turtle was carried away with the excitement not feeling you trace a finger around his neck and suddenly froze like a statue falling off of you unto the floor twitching still.

Mikey: W-Where did-d you learn. The-that from?

You: Master Splinter, of course

You slumped off the couch beside him but was interrupted by your (f/c) cased phone and saw that your ( Mom/ Dad ) wanted you home immediately.

You: Sorry Mikster, my (mom/dad) wants me home ASAP dude

Mikey: awww OK, you want me to walk you home

You: nah I'm good, bye

Before you can leave the lair Mikey spun you around and dipped you into a sweet quick kiss which you returned back. Afterwards, you left with a smile on your face.

You had another two minutes to reach your destination and you felt that you've forgotten something, but couldn't place your finger on it so you just put it in the back if your mind for now.
You heard a near by crash and decided to take a peak then was surprised to see it came from your apartment room. You swooped into your bedroom window quietly seeing that the lights were off which was a good sign.

You:hmm I need to get my frying pan if anybody tries to come in

The lights suddenly flickered off and Purple Dragons were every where and the most familiar face you knew was Hans.

You: And so the big bad wolf pack comes to play

Hans: Take her down we don't have all day

You smirked gripping your magical weapon getting through most of them in one swing or two.

You:And who said a frying pan can't be your friend

You said swinging it around with confidence on your side. What you didn't know was that a PD was behind you and snapped on a pair of handcuffs behind your back taking you by surprise forgetting all about Hans in front of you feeling the person behind you kick your knees in sending you into a harsh impact to your carpeted floor feeling somebody press their boot on your back.

???:Hey (y/n), you left your booking at the lair

Hans: Seems like I'm gonna get a promotion tonight

You:No Mikey, don't come in

The orange clad turtle had already popped his head through your window curtain. His expression went from happy to shock and when he saw you on the ground he was furious.

Mikey:Hands off my lady

You watched as your boyfriend fought off the used to be unconscious guys. You squirmed in your restrictions wishing for smaller hands .

Hans: Time to go

You felt uncomfortable being lifted by another men and being placed roughly on his shoulder as you yelled for Mikey's help only for him not to reply.


Hans:Night- night twerp

And like he said you were hit in a certain spot on your elbow feeling pain then darkness.

Mikey: (y/n)

Wassup my pizza loving ninjas. What do y'all think so far?

Will the turtles rescue their lovers?

Who watched the new TMNT movie?

Will you please read my other ninja turtle book?


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