When he's jelly: Donnie

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Donnie just came in the lair from pastrol with his brother. The first thing he saw was you ... with Casey . You didn't realized they came back from all the fun you was having talking to Casey

Donnie: Hey (y/n)

you: *nothing*

Mikey: daaaaaaannnnneee .... she bobbed you

Donnie felt a little disappointed and angry at the same time but was trying to control his temper. He growled and started going to his lab working on anything that will get his mind off of you........ and Casey .

He kept getting shocked by the wires and got more frustrated by the minute  .

Donnie heard repeatedly laughing and knew it was yours. Constantly laughing for an Hour , Donnie couldn't take it anymore and walked out his lab with no words escaping his lips and slammed his bo staff and smacked Casey on the side of his head

You: *gasped* Donnie , why you do that?

Donnie: cause he needs to get the shell out of here

You:......... oh I see what's going on

Donnie: I don't know what your talking bout


You saw his face tint pink and walked Casey again with his staff. You sped off the couch and stood in front of Donnie  smiling but he looked at you confused

You: your jealous

Donnie: no

You: yes you are

Donnie: no I'm not

Your body was getting closer to his  evey time he spoke and your lips were only a inch away

You: Donnie , you are

Donnie: n-no

You stood on you tip-toes and kissed his nose but felt his hands moving onto  your waist and kissed your lips  making your spine shiver . Y'all broke apart to hear Casey saying ewww and all . Donnie was bout to hit him but you beat him to the punch

You: one, stop being jealous because I'm only talking to him cause I wanted to show you I can be friends with your friends.

Donnie: babe , I love you

You: awwww I love you too Donnie Bear and second.... I wanna get a crack outta him *smirking and grabbing the staff*

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