when you save him: Raph

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There was nothing to destroy in your room your walls had huge deep holes in them from your fist, the room looked like a zoo been in there partying (wildlife by jack and jack) .

The pain ,sorrow and anger was swirling inside you making it hard to think clearly . Your thoughts were interrupted by your cellphone going off seeing Mikey's picture on the screen,you ignored it once again as it kept beeping soon to stop . You heard your window slam open ; looking up to see a upset Mikey

Mikey: (y/n) you need to come with me


Mikey: its Raph he goin syco on everybody even Splinter then he ran off and we can't find him

You: hell come back soon

Mikey: it's been a week dudette

Your heart instantly dropped at multiple horrible possibilities happening  to the hot-head, your hot-head.

You: lets go

Both of you went up your room closing the window behind you and at your roof were Leo and Donnie  with expression that were too mixed to explain. The Leader in Blue told everyone to scatter and get in contact with the others if we found a hint or even think its him.

You jogged from the roof seeing the sunset in a orange -reddish smooth color reminding you of Raphs mas k which lead to thinking about Raph. You were caught up in your thoughts to realize you were still running and that you forgot to jump to get to the next roof. The rushing air you was feeling made your heart beat faster, the scream that wanted to come out, bought was caught stick in your throat from fear. Your eyes shut close and quickly felt arms around your waist and soon felt everything stop. Immediately looking up into a pair of neon green eyes and knew only one person , or turtle with that color

You: R-Raph

Raph: yeah

You: I'm.... Sorry

Raph: (y/n) none of this would've happen' if I didn' put my hands on ya' , Im da one that's sorry

You: well I'm sorry from what I said to you a week ago

Raph: haha so can we stop acting like " those " kind of couples

You: *giggles* yeah this is weird now put me down

Raph: nah I like carrying my girly

You: well I like kissing my hot-head

Raph: so what your tellin' me is-

You: would you just kiss me already

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