First Kiss:Donnie

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   Your boyfriend, Donnie and you were in the lab fixing up MetalHead . Everytime you looked over to get a view of Donnie he looked so slumped down and had watery eyes looking like its bout to make a waterfall.

You:Donnie you OK?

Donnie: * sniffs* y-yes I'm good

You: Donnie why are you lying to me

Donnie: no I'm not, I just got a eyelash stuck in my eye

You:Baby, you don't have eyelashes *giggling*

Donnie: whatever

You felt really concerned about Donnie and you wanted to see him happy and being a cute nerd. You placed your screw driver down on the lab table  and scooted over to Donnie placing a hand on his shoulder

You:Donnie put the tools down

Donnie: no, I gotta fix him (y/n) don't you understand that

You: I understand that you need a break because every time you connect a wire in him I see tears coming from your eyes

Donnie: I need to help him

You: Donnie please listen to me , you have to calm down first

Donnie spinned his chair around so that his shell was facing you . You got annoyed and used all your force to spin the chair around , placed your index  finger and thumb on his chin making him look at you and without a second left you grabbed his bandana strap to pushed his lips to yours melting at the firm soft touch of your lovers lips.  You were surprised that he kissed you back wrapping his arms around your warmly and you placed your arms around his neck feeling the smile in his face .  You broke apart for air still tingly over the amazing kiss  and looked into his dark red and brown mixed eyes with sympathy .

Donnie: i- I think I c-can ta-ake a break

You: just a few minutes so you can relaxe OK.?

Donnie: I love you (y/n)

You: I love you  Donnie

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