When your Jelly: Mikey

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   You and  Mikey been sitting on the couch in the lair for almost an hour and Mikey wouldn't get off your phone.

Mikey: she looks cute..she looks hot, wow ! this is totally awesome. Now this one , she is bae

You: Mikey will you shut up

Mikey: but this girl is totally hot

You lost it at that moment and snatched the phone away from the turtle and looked at the screen seeing you doing silly selfies when you be bored which is barely now that you found Mikey

Mikey: told you she was hot and my bae.

You: oh * blushing*

Mikey: did my lady just get jelly

You: what.. no

Mikey didn't say anything else but got up and ran to the kitchen and coming back handing you a jar of peanut butter

You: what's this for dude?

Mikey: for all that jelly you got

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