When your Jelly: Leo

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yes  I purposely put jelly up there Lol . Back to the Turtles

  Sensei said that you can go with the boys on night watch and now you get to  train with them , except that you can't be lovey dove with your turtle boo (sad , I know) .

It wasn't hard for you to catch up with them since you always been on roof tops .

Raph: can you ran any slower (y/n)?

you: shut up , before I knock your shell into next month

Leo: would y'all be quiet before we get caught

Mikey: too late

Mikey Pointed to a roof top covered with Foots and. ..  Karai. You secretly despised her from finding out from Mikey that Her and Leo flirt alot when they battle.  You heard your name being shouted and woke up from your outer space thinking but was too late to move as a ninja star jabbed into your leg giving you a deep cut .

You fell to your knees as the battle began and you could hear the metal clanging from the weapons . Leo fought beside your injured body protecting you from any harm.... well other harmful things now.

Leo:(y/n)  you OK?

you: mhmmm

you ripped a piece of your shirt off showing off your stomach and wrapped the piece around your leg putting pressure on the wound . You looked up to see somebody kick Leo in the stomach making him fly backwards to the other side . You used your single katana given by Leo just in case .

You swung your blade at their feet making them fall  and looked back over for Leo to see him and Karai fighting. Your blood boiled at the sight And saw the unexpected


The pain quickly vanished  from the over power of anger and  ran up to her and tackled her down like a pro football player.

You didn't need karate skills to know how to fight like a mad black women (MADEA) . Every punch you made left a dent in her armor and you crawled off of her and finally ended her with a kick to the face watching her mask-helmet fly off seeing her  busted lip and black eye with a nose bleed

Karai: you won't get away with this b*tch

You stood there shocked at what she  said and took off your earring hoops and started walking back up to her but a pair of strong arms held you down lifting you off the floor.  You yelled out to her as the Foot and her vanished in the dark.

Leo: Jealous much?

You: she ain't gonna be kissing my turtle

Leo pulled you in a hug with his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead

Leo: ..... yeah you were pretty jealous

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