when he sees you sleep :Raph

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You just came home from (sports/dance/whatever) practice and you were too exhausted to go to the lair today. You entered your room and plopped in your bed rolling in the covers, falling in a deep sleep.

Meanwhile Raph was waiting for you to come over, but soon was worried that something happened to you. He got tired of waiting and went running off from the nearest sewers to your apartment. You woke up from a repeated tapping on your window already kmowing it was your boyfriend you'll lazily got up  and grabbed your pillow ; opening the door letting him come in and threw the pillow at his face but he dodged the attack  and looked back at you sleeping with an arm and leg hanging off the bed.

Raph just grinned and sat by your sleeping body, but he was surprised when you crawled up to him then laid on his posture sitting on his lap as he started to rub circle on your back.

Hello my lovely ninjas , I know I've been gone and I'm trying to catch up on my reading of. Your amazing stories or / and scenarios . But tommorow I will not be writing because  drum roll please *drum rolls*  ................

  ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW (sweet 16) !!!!!!! so yeah but the next day I will write and so yeah

PS: if your birthday is in November too, tell me so I can post happy birthday and everything but don't lie tho Lol


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