First kiss:Mikey

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  Mikey and you were in the sewers riding your skateboard and chilling out. His brothers and him were fighting so you pulled Mikey out of the lair before it got worse.

You: Mikey watch this dude

You did a 90° back flip in the air and landed perfectly on your board and  did a few more tricks  hearing Mikey cheering you on .

You closed your eyes for a moment and felt you hitting something hard knocking you off your board  and felt a electrical spark on your lips and pulled away to see you on top of your boyfriend and feeling the blush on both of your faces  and quickly getting up, but got pulled back feeling arms wrapped on your waist to see Mikey with a much redder blush on his freckled covered cheeks

You: *giggling* Mikey what's up

Mikey: I uhhh .... w-was wondering i-if we can do that again?

You tried to keep away from the adorable moment squealing that wanted to jump out. You stroked his cheek with your thumb and  he took your hand in his and placed your lips back on his feeling the sparking in the kiss ziooing inside your body .

You couldn't help but bend your knee  making you have your foot in the air

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