First Date: Leo

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  You:Leo where are you taking me? *giggling*

Leo has said he  had to show you something but he said that like 30 minutes ago, it feels like hours that you two been walking to your destination.

You:Leo boo , can you tell me now

Leo: nope Lol, its a surprise

You: one hint

Leo:hmm... its a place

You: -_- really

Leo: Lol trust me your gonna love it

You took him on his word and continued to walk hand and hand with your lover.  Not a minute later you were swooped off your feet and into the arms of your hero

You: lol Leo what are you doing?

Leo: just getting ready to have the best night ever with my favorite girl

You didn't understand him at first but looked in the front of you to see a blue picnic blanket laid out with candles and drinks and pizza

Leo: I don't know that much of going on a date , so I just bought pizza

You: Leo its amazing

Kissing him on his cheek as an a thank you , you saw Leo's cheeks turn to a bright pinkish color and sat down in front of you

You:Leo thank you, but you didn't have to do all this

Leo: your my girl and I wanna make you happy

You: Lol what can I ever do without my Hero

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