Courageous Blue

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"Leo give it back now"


"Give it!"

"Reach for it then"

"If I wanted to try reach for something, I would've reached for this knife I got in my back pocket"

My best fried Leonardo lowered my phone down slowly watching the color drop from his face which was priceless. The turtles, April, Casey and I have been knowing each other for over a year now and life is perfect with Leo, I mean them.

So I might have a ittsy bitsy teeny tiny humongous crush on my turtle friend Leo, I mean how can some one not like him he's like- oh my gosh can I have a slice of that shell right there!

"Hello earth to Emerblade, ya in there?"

I came back to the present  into having Mikey snapping his fingers in my face which I swatted away gently. The sound of a beeping then an explosion sound went off getting everyone to run into the lab letting Raph reaching the doors first, since he was the closest having smoke fly out and dissolve into the fresher air in the lair.

Leo, Raph, Mikey and I covered our faces walking I to the now cleared out room seeing the other two humans and nerdy turtle covered in black dust particles.

Leo was the first to ask "What happened in here?"

"April and I were experimenting some mutagen then the Kranng's sphere went off and Casey freaked out and tripped making the fluids fall and BOOM" The purple clad turtle explained

"Alright turtles, suite up" Leonardo spoke with authority walking outside the lab to stand at the entrance

I walked up beside Leo wanting to understand the plan beforehand, but he held out his hand in front of me and shook his head side to side.

"Sorry Emerblade, but I can't let you, Casey, nor April to come on this mission with us" After he finished the statement I was left bewildered

I jumped in front of the leader not caring if I'm standing out of bound, he needs to get over it

"Leo, we can help. So let us go with y'all" I looked in ghost beautiful royal blue eyes that captivated my heart in seconds

"I said no and that means no Em." I'm normally calm, but when he says this type of stuff it drives me crazy

"Leo we've been training as well remember, OK well maybe except for Casey but everyone else has" I reasoned with him

"Emerblade, that's enough. I'm leader of this team and what I say goe- ahhhhh"

"Hey love birds we don't have all day ya know" And leave it to Raph, the hot head to say something like that

"And can we unfreeze my feet" Leo chattered, I looked down to see I accidentally let my powers slip out again

"Cock blocker" I muffled under my mouth, but I guess he some what heard me looking in my direction giving me a stern look

Leo looked back at me knowing the question he was asking. Sighing in defeat I breathed in then out sensing the Joe starting to melt around his feet that kept him captivated in the cold

Leo's orders for the humans to stay and turtles leave was his final say so departing his group from the rest of us leaving the three of us bored and fumed.

"Man Emer., your boyfriend is so strict. I guess he haven't gotten the pu-"

April jabbed him in the ribs before he could finish his rotten sentence and cubed in ice. I let out a breath looking at the two, walking away from the living room and headed out to the top side grabbing my ice covered samurai swords from the weapons slot and strapping it on my back.

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