When you meet him:Leo

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You and your friends had just finish school that day and instead you told them that you'll be OK walking by yourself . And boy was you wrong .(smh)

You were close to your apartment until you felt a large hand grab your shoulder and another was wrapped around your mouth . You were trashing to tell them to let you go but it was no use. You realized it was the Purple Dragons and that to go to your house ,you had to pass their turf which is why you always walked with friends. The guy pushed you into a wall and was bout to punch you but a flash of green and blue sprinted in and some how took all the PD down in less than 15 seconds . He threw the guy that was holding you into the dumpster that was in the alley.

You were on the ground till a three fingered hand came out the shadows and helped you up . All you saw was his blue eyes and then he disappeared

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