when your upset : Raph

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You: UGHHH!  Get outta my head!

You punched your punching bag harder with more force . The only thing you have been doing the past month was    be destructive BOOM! CLAP! SOIND OF MY HEARTBEAT (YES TFIOS)

You went more insane when you realized you been listening to Taylor Swift the whole time , you slammed the door and wouldn't let nobody in . You felt like your whole world collapsed down on you .

Dad: (y/n) its time to come out of your room this instant young lady!

You: .....OK Dad I'll come out , ounce you lie in a hole!

Dad: *gasp* oh that's it your grounded

You: you act lik igaf

Dad: watch your mom I'm still your father

You: then you better watch your mouth then so I wouldn't have to say anything idiot

Dad: I give up, im done with you

You: OK

You didn't care if you just yelled at your dad, nothing mattered to you anymore. You thought Raph would be different from the other boys you dated your past life, but like they say "Boys are boys"

You scrunched up your fist and felt a sore pain in your knuckles seeing them bleed . You got up and kneeled down in front of your bed going underneath to get the first aid kit and wrapped up your fist going back to the beat up punching bag.

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