when he hurts you :Raph

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You: Raph! Raph where are you?!!

Raph: Go away!

You were walking in the sewers trying to find your boyfriend and cheer him about from the whole Spike turning into Slash thing

You: Raph I'm sorry about the whole misshape

Raph: You should be , because your the reason why he did this , he just wanted his ol' friend back but I got too cuaght up with your ugly self

You weren't the one to cry so you toughened up and held your ground . You steeped closer to him that leaned on the wall with his eyes closed . Laying a gentle touch of your hand  on his arm , you felt him flinch and did the unexpected , he slapped you making you fall hard to the point there was already a bruise .

Now you had tears streaming down your face. Raphael's eyes softened and was about to say something but you picked yourself up and sprinted off

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