when you hear him sing: Raph

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As you walked inside the lair you heard singing coming the dojo and decided to check it out . you slowly opened the door peeking your head in to see  your boyfriend Raph punching the dummy on the wall listening to music. You pulled out your iPhone 5 and started recording him

I just wanna freak you with the lights on

Baby leave them on

I don't want them off

When I see them draws

Pucker pucker that's a no

We gonna make it grow

Pull it to the side

You say you can ride , baby join me in my ride

Let me hit it in the front. Let me hit it in the back now

To the middle of the club, turn your back to the light now

I'm unaware, no matter where you at now

I can't wait to gibe you what you want

Girl you know you bad

Like the Mic's on by

Hope you don't mind

I keep my Nike's on ,right

We can film it all on my iPhone 5

I just wanna freak you with the lights off

Raph kept singing to the music and still didn't notice you being there , walking up to the lights beside the door  frame and   repeatedly flickered them on and off grabbing Raph's attention very quickly seeing the surprised look on his face .

You were rolling on the floor laughing when you saw his reaction . But regretted it when the light above you were off and couldn't see anything around you

You: OK Raph , knock it off

Not a minute later you felt somebody push you to the wall and had your hands above your head feeling the sais trapping your wrist  and struggled to get out .

You: Raph stop playing

You felt one of his hands caress your cheek and the other holding your waist close to his plastron. Feeling his warm breath against you neck made you shiver

Raph: I like it better with my lights off

You: I'm doomed

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