DunDun Dunn: Leo

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Caution:Some serious moments that are very serious, so take it serious

Your eyes felt like a ton of bricks were smashed down on both of them, yet you managed and took in the blurry atmosphere with a bright light shining down upon you.

???: Bout time you awaken

Your head shifted feeling a load of pain just by moving it an inch. You got a clearer look at the kidnapper that you remembered was named Brad, you examined his features more. He had black hair that draped down to his pointed chin, 6'3 in height and buff, like a football player buff.

You: If I do recall I have never done anything wrong to be getting stuck in here.

Brad: You didn't have to, I see a beauty like you walking all alone in New York, I just had to know what's your name

He tried giving you a smolder, but neither his answer for kidnapping you and trying to seduce was working. His features were getting bigger as his face was getting closer having his hands outreached as if to grab something which made you panick.

You: Get away from me, my boyfriend will come save me from you bastard-

You let out a quick gasp having your face get twisted to the other angle harshly feeling the intensity of his hand stinging your cheek. You desperately held in your tears to not show weakness keeping yourself up for Leo to show, you knew and your heart your blue night will come for your rescue.

A pressure on your shirt took you away from the still stinging pain a few seconds ago to see the not green hand on your chest feeling terribly uncomfortable. You trashed around upon still having restrictions of bar wire wrapped around you feeling them poke many holes into your flesh. His unwanted touch began to increase hearing the tear of cloths automatically shutting your eyelids not wanted to see this anymore, but the cold air could be felt freezing your skin.

Brad: So it is true, when it's cold girl's nipples get hard all of a sudden, let's get a closer taste shall we

You: No! Leave me alone please!

Brad: Yes, scream some more

His bulky fingers gripped hard on your upper body touching flesh that should not be touched. His crusty face came near your breast licking his pale lips in the process.


The only light that was on you shut off out of nowhere after hearing glass being broken. You couldn't see anything, but you could hear every slice, scream, crash, and pain being leashed out. Not long you felt your wires being cut and a pair of familiar warm arms picked you up bridal style then feeling the wind press down on your head closing your eyes in the process.

A few moments passed in silence still in the embrace from your hero.

???: You can open your eyes now my queen

You remembered that soft toned voice clear as day unpeeling your eyelids once more and first thing you see is the royal blue colored orbs that lit up your heart ever since you first saw them.

You:L-Leo how did you do-find me?

Leo: I made Donnie search through your phone I found in a alley way and got a tracking info to where he can look through any other electronic devices to have a visual on you, basically calling it "The gods eye"

He looked down at you realizing that you are now crying. Leo panicked at first thinking it was because of your wounds and about what happened, but was caught off guard by your sudden urge for an embrace. Your head in the crook of his neck crying your gentle sobs you held in.

Nor did the blue masked turtle minded the tears of yours that she'd on his body. He was overwhelmed most of all to finally find you. He set you down having the angle to hug you tighter in a comforting way placing his head on your (h/l) (h/c) patting and smoothing it down as you cried.

Your face was gently removed from its spot now getting to look back into those loveable eyes again seeing full concern and anger in them.

Leo: (y/n), be completely honest with me. Did he touch you?

You:...... Yes Leo

You felt ashamed that you were incapable to fight your own battles without getting your lover involved, yet thankful he came. His hands cupped your small framed face beginning to place butterfly kisses everywhere on your face getting you to giggle at his action which caused him relief as he last placed a sweet tender kiss on your lips feeling emotions collide into something beautiful.

Leo: I will be right back

As he said that he let go of your face giving you another last one on your nose and took out his twin blades walking over to the hole he created in the ware house.

You: Your gonna kick his a$$

Leo: Shell yeah and then after that I'll treat you to (fav. Dessert)

You: *giggles* OK

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