When he hears you sing : Donnie

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    Donnie went on mutagen hunting with his brothers but he said you have to stay here for safety.  You were searching for something interesting to do . You glimpsed  from the corner of your eye to see he left his T-phone behind.  The smirk on your face  crept in  and plugged in your headphones pressing a  song on the playlist .

Donnie got back from the hunt already knowing  where you were

( cause he got a tracker on you).

His cheeks went to a pinkish color when he saw you standing on the lab table  dancing and singing (y/f/s) . You wasn't watching your step and moved your foot to the edge and slipped , waiting for the impact to happen it never did .

You opened your eyes to see your gapped tooth nerdy cute scientists smiling at you as  he held you in his arms .

You: how long was you watching

Donnie: pretty much the whole thing

You: so... how'd I do?

Donnie: you were absolutely amazing  baby girl

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