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No ones POV

April and the girls made it to the biggest mall in New York City, walking in as one accord the four magical girls were astonished at the wide open space with so many people their age, older and even ones that couldn't even walk and had to be carried in strollers.

Punzie: wow, all the clothes

Merida: all the weapons

Silvermist: The pets

Luna: so many toys

April grabbed their hands and escorted them deeper into the store already having a plan and schedule to get to every store and be able to get to where the secret is on time.

(What secret???)

April: OK so here's how this will go down; first off we will spend the minimum of 5 and the max of 10 minutes in each store. It's 10:37 now, so around 12 we will eat and then-

April's eyes opened and mouth closed once she realized she was talking to a little boy around the age of six staring at her weirdly while he sucked on a cookie. April looked down at him without a word and awkwardly scooted to another spot in the mall deciding to look for the awestrucked teens like a frightened mom.

While a blue eyes and red head girl scoped for her friends a certain white haired teen decided to be the most adventures out of them all and was awing at a store that had a garage-like door with the name 'Spencer's' spray painted up there. The room was dim litted and had rock music blasting through the store getting the young lady fired up to search around. She squealed at seeing the many characters on hats that were placed on a wall, posters and T-shirts with funny quotes. A employee greeted her with a usual greeting and a tip that everything was on sale for a dollar. Luna went closer to the kiddie of the store and saw dummies and scary and or funny looking toys hanging from the ceiling, a few flickering lights from the corner of her eyes stopped her from messing with the TED bear and looked into a place where the innocence in people are ruined.

Her sister, Rapunzel was thrilled to no content running into a different store called H&M smiling from ear to ear about the many clothes that looked so beautiful to her and desired to buy them all.

Shoes on the back wall lined up perfectly and neatly, accessories on the left and clothes on the right mostly. Diving into the clothes that had a yellow and pink sign on the top of it that said 'Boho shirts here' picking three pairs up, sliding to the skinny jeans grabbing two at random not caring that people looked at her a little weird. At the end she walked up the to the place to try them on asking a lady for a room behind the mountain of clothes she managed to keep in her embrace. The secretary of the place turned around away from her other side duty to see a pile of clothes with legs struggling to stay up, the nice lady looked shocked but did as Rapunzel asked for and got a room writing down on the door where the marker board was held writing down a number with three digits to it.

Punzie: IM IN HEAVEN!!!!

Silvermist placed her small, delicate hands in the glass that separated her from the adorable baby puppies that were happily barking at her doing little tricks for the people to acknowledge them.

???:Madam would you like to pet one?

The blue and green haired fairy (she hid her wings in her shirt) looked shocked to hear these good news from the person that worked at the pet shop and nodded vigorously at the man in the uniform. The older man smiled and asks which one would she like to see first and Silvermist pointed to the brown poodle, then the white and caramel bull dog, coming up with a answer to the man by using her finger to form a circle around all the pets on the wall causing the man to be shocked. The employee said she can only have fun with one at each time earning a almost crying teen girl that used the winning the almighty puppy face (like OHSHC Tamaki's puppy face).

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