The baby project: Leo

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You enter the lair with your bag of flour with a face on it from your baby project you had to do for school. You laid down on the couch and Leo came downstairs seeing you baby talk to the "baby".

Leo: umm Hey sweetie

You: hey Captain

Leo: uh.. OK imma just say it , why are you talking to the bag of flour ?

You: school project. Gotta be a mom

Leo: where's the dad

You: he bailed

You shrugged it off and kept talking to the "baby" but felt a little bad that you was thinking what is the father left you in the child in the future. You didn't notice Leo was sitting beside you and watch you a bit slump. Leo placed his finger under your chin letting you see his eyes full of concern, but no words escaped your lips. He Leaned in and kissed you passionately and when he broke the kiss he said

Leo: I would never leave you

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