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My amazing ninjas , First off I hope y'all enjoyed your reading of the last couple chapters I did it just for y'all.
And that I will be doing more writing in my other stories, so sadly y'all won't be gettin updates on my scenarios for awhile , sowwy

But I really wanted to finish Turtles meet Princess , if y'all haven't read it plz do, and I was thinking of doing a second book and third for that one so I got a lot of work

Then  I'm making one when they have a sister and there's a big surprise for that one

And  my next announcement is that I'm writing a love story for each turtle and  I might need some beautiful creative fan crazy ninjas  to be Leo's , Donnie-Bear, and Hot-head's girlfriend . if you would like to be one ( warning it might take a while to really update on those but I will do my bestthen just message me  and the first three for each one gets to be the winner and I'll tell you more info then

And y'all have a wonderful day and I'll ttyl gotta kick some Kraang droid butt


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