When yall make out: Leo

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 Somethings you do because your that crazy adn some things you do because your that bored. 

Well this time your both, its finally friday for you and all you been doing is studying for your SOL's your about to do in two more weeks. So your parents wouldnt let you outside the house no matter what and they took away your phone to prevent you from being distracted from others .

Leo didnt know what was happening but he knew it wasnt life threatening when he would sneek out of the lair in the day to check up on you when you werent looking.

parents: ok (y/n) heres your phone and you can take a break , me and your father are going out for tonight so theres $20 on the table in the kitchen for pizza or something, be safe, and call if an intruder tries to come in here , do what Madea does and play Grit Bowl

You: ok, bye

As soon as you heard your parents shut the door  you pulled on some shoes and hoped out your window to the alley way and ducked down into the sewers  doing what you do best at this point , be you


You ran through the sewers at lighting speed yelling out your boyfriends name like the girl from Madea big Hapyy Family saying ''byyyyrrraaannnn' XD

You saw the opening of the lair door and Leo coming out with a worried look on his face with weapons drawn out and everything.

Leo: what happened, are you hurt,who did, do I need to kill somebo-

You didnt stop your feet from jumping toward your turtle boyfriend making yall both fall to the wet ground but luckily he's a turtle with a shell and he  caught you. You could tell he wanted to say something but your lips crashed on to his so quickly both of you didnt exspect it .

The kiss went into a full blown make out scene and yall were on point ;). His hand "accidently" slipped under you shirt and you let out a slight moan only to hear a repeated coughing behind yall .

You both shot up with you in hi lap with his arms still around you, seeing the other 3 turtles with smirks on their faces and a rat shaking his head and wwalking back into the lair

Raph: Get a room

Leo: ok

Leo scooped you up and headed upstairs


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