when he looks through your stuff: Raph

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You barged into your apartment getting out of the rain going  upstairs to your room throwing your soaked bookbag on the floor. You knew Raphael was coming over to watch some wrestling with you, but needed to wash up from the smelly polluted rain. You stripped from your clothes and headed to the showers thinking that you heard a thud from somewhere, but ignored it anyway getting back to your dues. Raphael saw that you  already had your window unlocked for him, but accidentally slipped from the slightly wet windowsill making a "thud". He got up and took a qlimspe of the open drawer that you somehow missed a close up. You tied your (h/c) hair that was still wet is a messy bun and wrapped yourself in a red towel around you. Walking into your room, you almost screamed at the top of your lungs when you saw Raph holding one of your red and black thongs with his sias smirking

You: WHY?!?!

Raph: you should find some amazing things when you don't close your drawers

You: give.it. back

Raph: Nope

For about half the time he was at your place  you were chasing Raph around in your towel .......  Still naked :p

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