When he talks Japanese: Raph

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You were in the dojo alone with beads of sweat rolling down the side of your face punching and kicking the beaten-up practice dummy senseless , today wasnt your best day since the one and only Casey Jones wanted to pull a prank and it didnt go so well.

Your fist were hurting but you didnt stop pulling out all your anger until you heard somebody' voice out of nowhere, you looked around the room finding Raph leaning on the door frame crossing his arm against his chest and holing up a grin that could last for days

You:What'd you just say babe

Raph: Watashi wa anata ga watashi ga ima made shira reta naka de mottomo gorgeous hitodearu to nobe

(I said you are the most gorgeous person i've ever known)

You settled off the punching bag and grabbed your towel wiping the small amount of sweat of your face going up to your boyfriend . You held a confused look on your face as he held the same grin closing the space between yall two wrapping his arms around your waist as you already had your snaked along his neck

Raph: Imu mōshiwakearimasenga, watashi wa anata o aishi, naze shōjo ga nozonde iruto watashi no mawaride wanai saikō no hito o Imu Tomo tte iruga, thats no koto anata ni subete o ataeru katamukeru koto

(Im sorry that I cant give you everything  that a girl wants  and I know im not the best person to be around but thats why I love you )

You: I love you too Raphie

The look on Raph's face was priceless as you knew what he's been saying the whole time.

Raph: How'd you-

You: I have a cousin from Japan that comes down here every summer and he teaches me some words

Raph's face matched with his mask color feeling embarrassed that he tried saying the things he's been meaning to tell you since day one but didnt want to be a softy , you thought it was cute from what he tried to do.

You kissed his lips as the electricity flowed between the kiss ending with up with both yall faces red as strawberries .

You: Watashi wa anata no sheru o utsu koto ga dekiru node, imakoko ni kite

(Now come over here so I can beat your shell)

Raph: In your dreams princess

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