when he sees you sleep :Mikey

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Mikey was on npatrol with his brother is Aiden said y'all will play video games when they get back. You didn't want to see more then since last time you did went to a post. He laid on the couch flipping through the TV channels while thinking what to do next for your  (y/n) adventures.

You were thinking too much about your upcoming events that you didn't know that you were slowly falling asleep. An hour earlier the turtles came back to the lair with victory on their side and Mikey couldn't wait to duel with you on the game. He saw his brothers laughing at something over by the couch and went over to see you lightly snoring laying upside down on the couch, with your feet . Mikey thought that you look so cute in decide to take out his T-phone and taken a pic (or 10) of you.

You: Mikey I love you dude, like more than video games , but if I see one more flash I will tickle you

Without knowing you opened your eyes to see a flash of a camera  in your face being blinded for a slight moment

You: Mikey!!! Imma get you!

You started running after Mikey through the whole lair

Mikey: I love you cupcake

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