When he talks Japanese: Donnie

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Its Friday and you asked your parents could you spend the night at your friends house , of course they said yes and so you grabbed your already packed up bag and headed out to the lair. Technically you didnt lie to them , you just said can you hang out with a friend, you just forgot to put boy at the beginning .

You stepped inside the lair getting greeted by Mikey popping his head out the kitchen, you entered the lab seeing that all the lights were off except for one single light bulb shinning down on the steel lab table in the center of the room.

You saw a lavender colored rose displayed with a small ribbon tied to it and you were wondering where Donnie was , but your train of thought quickly crashed once you heard a voice coming from the darkness

You:who's there

???: Watashi ga imamade anata ni itta anata wa daiyamondo yori mo akaruku kagayaku koto (Have I ever told you that you shine brighter than a diamond)

Since you knew basically every language from English to Guinea Pig , you knew the person that was talking was speaking Japanese . You could hear the person walk around as you stood beside the table.

???: Watashi wa, anata ga chikaku ni hoji suru koto ga dekimasu shitai to watashi wa ue no anata o aishi, nandomonandomo anata wa watashi wa itsumo anata no tame ni arudeshou shitte iru yō ni iu

(I wish I can hold you close and say I love you over and over again so you know that I will always be there for you)

Your heart skipped a beats translating the words out in your head, you went over out of the lighted area going towards the door flicking on the lights to see Donnie with his mask off , this actually surprised you because this is the first time you seen him without his bandanna on.

You: Watashi wa anata Donnetello o aishi

(I love you Donnetello)

Donnie:*Chuckles* I knew you would understand me

You: lol when do I not

Donnie had wrapped his arms across your waist pulling you closer to his tall figure and he caressed your cheek gently swiping a piece of your hair behind your ear lifting your chin up so he can view those sparking eyes that always made his stomach do flips and just as you thought it couldnt get any better your lips were pressed against your boyfriends and the sparks were flying everywhere.

A few moments later you two separated for air and before you could say a word Donnie wrapped something around your eyes and felt him tie it behind your head. After he was done you looked at him confused but he held out a mirror and the reflection showed you in his mask.


Donnie: Just wanted you to have something to remind you that I will always be there for you

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