First Kiss:Leo

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   You: *laughing* L-LEO STOP IT *Laughing* STOOOOOOOOP

Leo and you got into a baby fight about who's cuter and he pinned you down with you laying on his bed on your back and tickled you while tears swept down your face quicker than when your momma gave birth to you.

Leo: But your cuter! *laughing*

You: *still laughing* your cuter Le-o

Leo: no you

You: noooooo y-

You were interrupted by the soft and sweet touch of your boyfriends lips crashing  into yours feeling like a thousand fireworks just went off in your body . Your arms automatically through themselves around his neck making the kiss deeper by the second and felt his hands go to waist.

Both of you wanted this to last forever ,but he broke the chained lips apart for both of you to breath and kissed the top of your forehead

Leo: I love you (y/n)

You: i- love you too Leo bear

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