Dun Dun Dunn: Raph

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No one POV

With Raph, the seconds felt like minutes and the minutes felt like weeks. He couldn't sleep the night before not after the previous phone call from your attacker and Raph's old pet. He wouldn't sleep knowing you weren't safely at home or in his arms, his brothers and sensei were worried about their hot head brother that's been ripping the practice dummy to shreds for hours non of. Knowing how they would feel if some one stole their girlfriends like that they would go ham too.

Teeth gritted, white soulless eyes, anger boiling to the maximum was the appearance of Raphael now. He needed his (y/n) to keep him off the edge unless needed.

Raph: Keep holding on girly, I'll fight for you

Meanwhile there was another hot head that was having a tantrum of there own.

And we're not talking about you lol

You: Can I go

Slash: No

You: Can I go

Slash: No

You: Can I go

Slash: No

You: Can I go

Slash: No

You: Let me go

Slash: No

You: Let me go

Slash: No

You: Let me go

Slash: No

You: Let me go

Slash: No

You:I gotta pee

Slash groaned in frustration at your constant talking while you stayed calm the entire time growing a poker face watching Slash throw and smash things with his spiky ball around the place.

You: Ughhh your boring me

This caught the mutated tortes attention thinking of a plan for you. Picking up a empty wooden box he threw it in the air and hit it like a baseball except the broken pieces he let fly into your face making you flinch from pain.

Your standing arrangement wasn't quiet comfortable to you for having to stand up for the past 10 hours. The kidnapper heard your stomach growl ignoring it as all Slash would talk about was the dear memories of his best friend.

You: Dude first off oww and second off why are you holding me hostage any ways I thought we were over this by now

Slash: you.....you TOOK MY LOVER!!!

With confusion you started to stare at the angry flustered mutant who was huffing again  turning back around for more things to smash and as he did he would purposely make the bridle pieces fly your way snickering as he did so hearing you growl at him.

You: You are a freak

Not a second later a ball rounded with spikes connected to your stomach taking the wind out of you. You was unattended to cough up blood seeing it pain the dark dirty floor with color. Just one hit wasn't enough for the mutant continuing to leave gashes and marks on the young teen's body not letting out a scream like majority of what people would do. Slash paused his action seeing his prey not moving anymore or saying anything.....

Slash: Good luck in hell

Slash hauled his weapon on his shoulder readying to leave the building.

You: What... That's all you. Got Slash

Slash: What!

You: I get more hits than that.... When me and Raph be loving in his room

Head lifting up with sweat mixing into your (h/c) hair making it stick to your face. Your body ached but you could take when seeing Slash about to come attack again until a buzzer caught him mid swing. Not knowing why the beeping was about you stayed quiet and wondered what would happen next.

Slash: it's show time

Slash forgot about your presence at the moment and left through a dark corner guessing there was a door there. Without a weapon nor a phone since Slash crumbled it to pieces in front of your eyes. You huffed in annoyance still being bonded and started to yell for any help.

You: Help Anyone, I really need to pee

Raph POV

It's finally the time to get my girly back, oh I can't wait to smash Slash's little head to pieces. 12 finally stroked on my phone clock spying the two people I've been waiting for the longest and I'm ready.

I jumped onto the bridge going to higher ground to not get spotted, but how can no one see a turtle and tortuous on a high bridge with a girl being captured under her will. My feet carefully took it's way towards the two, the clouds began to form around us since we were high enough to reach some and for a second I was able to see just one silhouette, but it wasn't a small and girly figured teen girl only a big, buff rock.
My heart was racing out of my shell hoping my mind is playing tricks quickly going  into a run for the slot I was supposed to get my girl back. I stopped in my tracks being faced by a shell, gaining impatience I groaned and Sp-Slash seemed to have heard me then turned to let us be face to face, without (y/n).

Raph: Where is she?

Slash: She who? All it is,is me and you

I tightened my grip on my sias feeling boiling anger was going to make me pop. (Y/n) is on the line counting on me to save her life which means I can't piss him off right now.

Slash: Come on Raphael, that chick is slowing you down. You hard to be the baddest turtle now your just the girl's handbag

Raph: Ughhh I don't have time for these bull crap games Slash. Where's (y/n) dammit!

Slash: In a burning old ware house

Slash smirked over at me; I was too angered to hold my restraints down and I blew up.

   No one POV

Raph shielded his mind with hate and revenge even if they were friends they are not enemies. Shouting out a battle cry the red masked hero jumped high and went for Slash's head, in return it got blocked quickly by the tallest mutants ball.

Raph slashed once more to the side of his enemies body and continued to atleast hit some major damage points. Slash couldn't keep up with his old friends movements loosing his balance a slight bit in the process asking for Raphael's help, only receiving a stealth mode Raph who o y saw his opponent as another enemy  keeping him away from his girl.

Slash: I hope you know how to bring life back because that's what she'll need

That remark caught Raph off guard sending his foot to Slash's face that was shocked like no other falling into the ocean.

Raph's eyes changed back to their bright green selves and started to see smoke coming from a building not to from where the bridge was. Taking no rest, the turtle sped to the rescue hoping to save his loved one.

    After a few minutes of coughing up smoke your eyes opened again to see a plastron with a lightning bolt crack in it.

   You: I wonder what took you so long

Raph: shhh and go back to sleep, it's been a long day girly

You: OK Raphie, did you say hi to your gay boyfriend

Raph: WHAT!!!!



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