when yall cuddle :Mikey

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Mikey:(y yyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyy/nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn)




You looked from your spot on the couch to see Mikey doing the same thing and when y'all met eye to eye ,only seeing  the  brightest smile on his face and pulled you into a hug , hugging him back even tighter  and let go

Mikey: I didn't see you there

You: neither did I

Mikey: Angel ?

You: yeah Mikster

Mikey: can I get another hug

You: lol of course

You scooted back closer to him and came into another hug . The hug lasted for like a minute now and soon got the feeling that Mikey didn't let go yet

You: uhh Mikey

Mikey: yes

You: ... Your not letting me go are you

Mikey: nope

You: Lol why

Mikey: one , you smell like pizza, and two I wanna cuddle and snuggle,and wiggle with you

You: what's a wuggle?

Mikey: ....I don't know , it rhymed

You: Lol otay

Mikey squealed and didn't hesitate to scoop you up in his arms and had your head laying on his plastron and had his arms around your waist and his head was in the crook of your neck

You: *laughs* Mikster that tickles

Mikey didn't say a word but you could feel him grinning , only moving his head further in your neck making you laugh harder by the touch.

You: Mikey!

Mikey: oops did I do that

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