When your jelly: Raph

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  You walked into the lair  finding nobody and decided to go upstairs to see your Raphie poo . Before you was about the knock on the door with a beat you heard his voice and sounded like he was talking to somebody.

You pressed your head gently on his door to hear my clearly and listened

Raph: I already have a girlfriend and I just get too busy with the relationship and doing my ninja duties. You understand right?

There was a long pause and  then heard Raph laughing again . You didn't wanna knock so you barged in the room looking mad as h*ll.

You: who's this other chick and why she in your room and are you trying to break up with me or something cause I don't know what I did wrong I thought we was all good and stuff but now you wanna do this to me

You finally realized from all that talking and barging in out of no where you saw Raph and his turtle Spike laying on his bed with the normal sized turtle on Raph's stomach.

Your face went red And fiddled your fingers looking down in embarrassment written all over your face . You saw a pair of forest green feet in front of your feet. A 3 fingered hand touched your chin making you look up at those breath-taking emerald eyes . Seeing him grin , Raph kissed both your cheeks and went down to your neck then to your ear leaving you with goose bumps and said

Raph: you were so jealous,

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