First Date: Mikey :p

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You: *running in room* Mikey?/ what's wrong are you OK?

Mikey: nope

You: Dude there's nothing wrong with you

Mikey: yes there is , your not next to me

Your smile on your face crept in and gave Mickey the warmest and biggest hug y'all ever shared

Mikey: now I'm better

You: you are so rad but crazy dude Lol

Mikey: So does a crazy guy share a whole night together with his Lady playing the new Call of Duty and eat extra cheesy pizza with marshmallows on them


You hugged him again and wrapped your arms around his neck and spinning you around in circles until y'all tripped and landed on his bed in one piece

Mikey: Me Lady , your chariot awaits

Mikey bowed his head down and put his arms out acting like the English people in the old days and even getting the little cute aceint right.

You: Lol Last one to the pizza is a rotten shell *running off*

Mikey: hey! no fair * running after you*

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