When you see his baby pics:Raph

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     You stretched out your arms feeling the warmth of the sun rays coming through your closed blinds making you wake up with exhaustion , your phone vibrated beside you  seeing a new text message from your red-masked boyfriend Raph.

 'Hey babe , just wanted to know if your available . If you aren't well .... now you are

so bring dat shell here

    love ya sweet lips'

You rolled your eyes grinning at your boyfriends charming way of saying can yall hang out for today. You quickly got dressed in your (f/c)  shirt, denim shorts and flats ,escaping your room through your room window and down the fire escape already knowing how to get to his place from memory now . 

You: Raph! Raph! where are you?

Leo: He's probably in his room

You: ok , Thanks Lamenardo

Leo: no problem- Hey!

You laughed at your joke running upstairs away from the fumed up leader. You were face to.. wood with a red painted door and 'forgot' to knock wanting to surprise your babe . You screamed like a fangirl being at the Twilight's first opening , you knew he hated the loud racket from just living with Mikey. 

The very second you felt duck tape around your mouth with only muffles making it through the thin but sticky plastic wrap thingy looking at his neon green eyes in disbelief but he only replied back with a sided smirk pecking you forehead .

Raph: There , that can keep you quiet 

You: mff mmfghm mmmght mg mfff ff

Raph: I love you too baby

You slowly and carefully pulled the tape off  wanting it to already be off by snatching it off but that would just  lead to more screaming and more tape . You moved your mouth a bit to get the normal feeling back in throwing away the piece a tape in the process , while your boyfriend went back to his reading in his comics sprawled out , legs bent and head laying on a  pillow or two .

'So this is what you wanted us to do, just read comics even though I could've slept ' you thought in your head giving him a mean mug glare. He glanced out of his reading seeing what you were doing , he pointed out his index finger towards you and made the motion sign to come where he was laying  scooting over to make space for you.

You dont know why but you obeyed settling in his embrace  laying your head on his plastron looking at the comic as well that was in his hands , but your attention became distracted by multiple pieces of papers sticking out of one of Raph's motorcycle magazines you gave him. Your curiosity got the better hold of you , slithering away from the turtle being too focus in the paper    to not notice your absence thinking you were needed to use the restroom or get something to eat . You crawled toward the book having a sudden urge to really open it , you hands took hold of a corner of the mag. lifting it up seeing the pieces of papers more , till a green hand came crashing down your parade.

You: whats up?

Raph: You cant look in there

You: thats making me want to look in it more 

Raph: well you cant

His eyes showed not seriousness like usual but .. fear and embarrassment, but the question is why?

He picked up the book making sure nothing falls out having a good grip on it , you had to think of something quick that could distract him in time , but what ,

 think  (y/n)  , Think! 

You grabbed his bandanna fins yanking them back to you, before Raph could say anything or even gasp your lips were sealed on his moving in sync., the kiss was rough bu thats how yall like it. You could feel im immediately kiss back going at it.

At this you fiddled your other hand that wasnt pulling his strings to his hand that held the book feeling as his grip was loosening every moment yall kissed , finally dropping it . Hothead didnt even realize that it did only  using his hands to wrap you closer, but you had other plans. Your hand grasped half the magazine  and pulled away from the kiss darting to the door, making the loose sheets tumble out unto the floor before you could make it  out his room . You eyes felt like bulging out your sockets as the pieces of paper weren't just paper  they were photos .........  of baby Raph..

..... with Spike

........training with toy sias

.......smashing baby Mikey against the wall

........ and in the bath tub

Raph: (y/n) ....

You: Ohh. My. Gosh

Raph: Give it back

You:... nope

With that you sped out of his room carrying  the bath tub one with him in a bubble bath with a red rubber ducky in his hand zooming off to the nearest copy machine 

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